Nearly thirty years ago the mother-daughter team of Florence Littauer and Marita Littauer held a single conference aimed at teaching a handful of women to be Christian speakers. These were women they had encountered as they traveled around the country to Florence’s speaking engagements. The women had great potential. Some had been teaching Bible studies. Others had an amazing life-story to tell. But all had one thing in common: They needed some coaching and polish to be able to communicate effectively. As one of the leading Christian women’s speakers in a yet undeveloped arena, Florence decided to use her love of the English language and her background as a high school and college speech teacher to help these women sharpen their skills.

From that tiny seed, grew a series of conferences and a reputation as the leaders in Christian communication skills. Over the years the seminars and their content has changed and evolved to meet the needs of the attendees—which since have included both women and men. Services were added and subtracted as the market has matured.

Today Florence and Marita are both still a part of what CLASS has to offer—albeit in very different ways. Both are still speaking and writing while enjoying a retirement from the day-to-day management of the operation.

In addition to her personal speaking, Florence is active in the teaching of the CLASSeminar and the Personality Training Workshop. She now resides in Henderson, NV near her youngest grandchildren and her first great-grandchild.

Marita is handling the sales of the many books Marita (19) and Florence (40+) have written and the additional speaking and writing resources recommended through CLASS. Orders for books and other resources can be placed through the Online Store or by calling 800.433.6633. The Popular Personality Profile created by Fred Littauer forty years ago is still available with sales in excess of 200,000 annually. Now, that assessment is called the Wired That Way Assessment and includes several improvements and upgrades. Additionally, it has several companion products that customers have been asking for years: Wired That Way--the basic book, a ten lesson DVD and a companion workbook.

After 25+ years with CLASS, Marita didn't truly retire, but she did rewire her life. Today she uses the same skills developed through her work with CLASS in a new role. Using her married name, Marita now runs a nonprofit organization that advocates on behalf of energy and the energy industry. In this capacity she is speaking to energy-associated groups and civic organizations and regularly writes opinion editorials that are published in newspapers throughout the country and on online commentary sites worldwide.

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