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For those speakers, teachers and trainers looking to add time-tested and proven material to their individual areas of expertise, CLASS also offers the Personality Training Workshop. Based on the Littauers' popular program, known as The Personalities, attendees learn specific techniques, answers to the most frequent Personality problems and everything they need to confidently add The Personalities to their menu of speaking/training options.

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For more than thirty-five years people throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and around the world, have benefited from the Littauers' teaching on The Personalities. Their books on the topic have sold over a million copies and their recordings are listened to over and over by men, women, and even children! As the value of these concepts have become more well-known, there have been more requests for Florence and Marita's time than they can possibly fill. Men's groups, women's groups, teens, churches, and businesses are interested in learning more about how to bring out the "Plus" in their Personalities -- and in those with whom they interact.

Through the powerful concepts of The Personalities, marriages have been saved and relationships restored. People have found their true Personalities and changed jobs or started businesses which utilize their natural areas of strength and ability more effectively -- resulting in happier, more fulfilling lives. The concepts of The Personalities are truly life-changing! Now you can be part of this rewarding work!

For three days, Marita Littauer, Florence Littauer and the teaching team will share with you everything they know about The Personalities. There will be time to have questions answered and plenty of personal dialogue with Marita, Florence, and the team, plus interaction with others in attendance. Like "iron sharpens iron," the special group of people who attend this training will be able to hone each other's skills and understanding!

Remember this is a workshop. Those attending should plan on rolling up their shirt sleeves, getting their creative juices flowing, and leaving with a portfolio full of information which they will then be equipped to pass on to others!

Those who receive Certification as a Personality Trainer will be authorized to use the complete collection of Personality teaching materials, books, and other "Littauer" products, which they will be able to purchase at special prices available only to Certified Personality Trainers. Additionally, Certified Personality Trainers will receive ongoing support and updates on future products as they are developed.

Those who have attended previous Personality Trainer Workshops are now successfully using The Personalities in their personal and executive coaching businesses; counseling practices; teaching in schools; marriage training; organizations; churches; financial planning seminars; men's', women's, and youth ministries; dating services, sales training; Personality parties; and even prison ministries.

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