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Florence Littauer

"Inspiring people -- just like you -- to lead legendary lives"

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A true legend in her own time, Florence Littauer's teaching on biblical truths, relationship issues and life skills has been touching hearts and inspiring people-just like you-at women's events, church conferences and business conventions for more than a third of a century. Known universally for being entertaining, educational and encouraging, all at the same time, Florence is one of only a handful of women to have earned both the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and CPAE (Council of Peers Award of Excellence) from the National Speakers Association and she has received special honors as a Legend in the speaking profession. Florence is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and received an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree from Southwestern Adventist University in Texas.

Florence began her ministry by leading Bible studies in her home, and her love of God's Word is evident in all her speaking and writing as she applies scriptural truths to today's world. She wrote her first book in 1978 and has written at least one a year since then with a current total of more than thirty. Her writing has been honored with numerous awards and many of her titles have sold over 100,000 copies. Behind the Personality is her life story-complete with full-color photos illustrating her popular stories. Silver Linings, subtitled Breaking Through the Clouds of Depression was born out of the deep depression Florence faced following the death of her sons-though is offers hope to women struggling with depression in way that is not depressing. Her first published Bible study is, A Journey to Jesus, a study on Genesis and Exodus with an emphasis on the tabernacle and its foretelling of Jesus. Florence's newest book, released in January 2006 with Cook Communications, is Making the Blue Plate Special.

Due to Florence's insights, The Personalities have become the standard in understanding people for families, churches, schools and businesses. In addition to her benchmark book on the topic, Personality Plus, her collection of books on the topic includes Personality Puzzle, Personality Plus for Couples and Personality Plus for Parents.

Florence was married for 50 years to her husband Fred, who died in 2002. She has three married children and five grandchildren. When not traveling, Florence divides her time between her home in the Las Vegas area and the Palm Springs area.

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Florence is available to speak for your group on any of the following topics-used individually or grouped for a day-long or weekend program.

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Classic Keynote Presentations

The Best of Personality Plus!
Every day the roads are filled with different people, heading in different directions with different goals in mind. Yet all of us drive smoothly with few mishaps because we all understand some common laws: we stop at stop signs and red lights, we go on green, we try to follow the speed limit. However, in our relationships we seem to have a few more bumps. There don't seem to be any personality guidelines. We wish we could straighten out all those other people-the very same people who want to straighten us out! The Personalities are to communications and relationships what traffic laws and road maps are to driving. There are guidelines and charts which show us how to function individually and together as we ride the road of life and attempt to live in a harmonious and orderly manner. Whether you are looking for help with a personal or professional relationship, you will find this classic presentation is both entertaining and educational-while helping you bring out the plus in your Personality!

The choice for an entertaining program with purpose! Select The Best of Personality Plus for a luncheon or banquet presentation or as a part of a fell day's program or a convention. The Best of Personality Plus is appropriate for both men and women, church or business groups, and can have a business, parenting or marriage emphasis based on the audience need. 70-120 minutes

Behind the Personality
The name Florence Littauer and the concept of
The Personalities have become synonymous, as she has spent the last forty years of her life teaching the life-changing concepts. As she has spoken to church groups, business conventions and medical teams, she has popularized the system known as The Personalities and it has become the standard on personality profiling in many settings. While The Personalities are used worldwide, many people know little about the woman "behind The Personalities." Behind the Personality is the powerful story of her life told with her usual wit interwoven with wisdom and concluding with a touching tribute to her husband of fifty years, Fred Littauer. Whether you are a fan of Florence's work or have wondered where did the phenomenon of The Personalities come from, Behind the Personality will inspire and entertain you!

This presentation is a perfect selection for a women's luncheon, an outreach event or as the opening to a day with Florence Littauer. Only appropriate for Christian groups. 60-90 minutes

Silver Boxes with Bows on Top
Everywhere we turn negativity assaults us. Crime is up, the economy is down, education is in trouble and traffic is bad. Oh, how we long to be "home, home on the range-where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day." Imagine what your day would be like if everyone you met offered you "encouraging words" to counterbalance life's discouragement. What about your childhood? Were you encouraged and motivated to fill your dreams? What could you have done all your life, what could you have become if someone had been there to tell you, "you can do it." In this classic message, based on Ephesians 4:29, Florence shares the value of encouraging words. You will learn to speak words that edify, build up and minister grace to the hearer.
Silver Boxes is Florence's most popular presentation and through it she will inspire you to weigh your words as she teaches the value of encouragement through the story of her father who could have been a writer and her mother-in-law who wanted to be an opera singer. The combination of the heartfelt examples and the poetic conclusion is guaranteed to leave you with wet eyes and a warm heart.

No appearance of Florence Littauer would be complete without this classic presentation. Whether the goal for your time with Florence is a fun-filled day on The Personalities, a time of spiritual growth and inspiration, an outreach luncheon, or a motivational message for a professional group, you'll want to top it off with a silver box with a bow on top. 30-70 minutes


Bible-Based Teaching

Journey to Jesus
In the Old Testament man tried to reach God at the Tabernacle. In the New Testament man reaches God through Jesus Christ. This presentation combines a taste of Florence's testimony as it relates to her Bible teaching with a delightful overview of the material found in the
Journey to Jesus book-a study of Genesis and Exodus that provides a connection between the Old and New Testaments-with an emphasis on the tabernacle and its foretelling of Christ. Whether you are a new Christian, a biblical scholar-or some place in between, you will gain fresh insights that make the Bible come alive with a new relevance for today and the Middle East conflicts.

Select this message as a part of a day-long or weekend program where a biblical emphasis is desired or as a stand alone presentation for a luncheon/banquet or an outreach program. 60-75 minutes

Changed by the Spirit
Why is a Christian leader different from other leaders? If you have thought about a position in Christian leadership or are starting a ministry, you will benefit from this teaching on King Saul. If you've been discouraged by the failures of Christian leaders, this session will restore your faith and focus it to where it belongs: on God the Father. Florence teaches that before you can be a Christian leader, you must be called by God, changed by the Spirit, chosen by the people and committed to obedience. Based on 1 Samuel 8 and following, this teaching is excellent for anyone seeking God's call on their life. Have you been changed by the spirit?

A solid Bible teaching with a practical punch, this message is appropriate for all Christian groups and is especially powerful when pared with the following presentation on How Good People Get Into Trouble. 60 minutes

How Good People Get Into Trouble
Do you wonder if you are good enough for God? Have you been "bad" and fear you are so bad that God cannot forgive you? Certainly Kind David was a good person, but he got into trouble-which started with lust and ended with murder. Few of us have ever gotten into more trouble than the "good" King David. Yet, God forgave him. Through this insightful and entertaining study of 2 Samuel 11 & 12 and Psalm 51, Florence shows how we get into trouble, how to receive God's forgiveness and restore our relationship with Him. How Good People Get Into Trouble will reassure you of God's love, give you a more forgiving attitude of other "good people" who have gotten into trouble!

This message is a perfect paring with Changed By the Spirit and together they work especially well for a women's retreat teaching. How Good People Get Into Trouble is also a popular choice for a church service sermon. 40-60 minutes

Aim and Action
You are a Christian and you want to do what you are supposed to do but you aren't really sure what your aim is or what action needs to be taken there. This fast-paced message makes clear the aim of Christian life and shows how to reach that goal. Florence shares Paul's plan from Philippians 3:10 to get to know Jesus, feel his power, share in His sufferings and become like Him. The action portion comes from Hebrews 12:1-2. Lay aside the weights, get rid of the sins that beset us, run the race with patience and look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Aim and Action is a challenge for all Christians!

Select this message as a part of a day-long or weekend program where a biblical emphasis is desired or as a stand alone presentation for a luncheon/banquet or an outreach program. 60-75 minutes

How to Get Along With Difficult People
Do you know anyone who is difficult to get along with? You may know of a handful or two. You may live with or work with one. Or perhaps you are the difficult person. In any case, everyone benefits from this message based on Paul's techniques for getting along with difficult people in his life as he shares them in the book of Philemon. You CAN get along with difficult people! Florence Littauer combines her hallmark humor with practical advice from her recently revised bestseller,
How to Get Along With Difficult People.

The powerful and practical Bible teaching is excellent as a part of a day-long or weekend program where a biblical emphasis is desired or as a stand alone presentation for a luncheon/banquet or an outreach program. It can be accompanied by a hilarious skit featuring the characters from Florence's book How to Get Along With Difficult People. 60-75 minutes

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Florence FAQ's

** Graduated with honors from the University of Massachusetts

** Taught English, speech and drama on both the high school and college level

** Doctor of Humanities degree from Southwestern Adventist University

** Received the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) Designation and the CPAE Award (Council of Peers Award for Excellence) from the National Speakers Association, of which she has been a member for over 20 years

** Married to Fred Littauer for almost 50 years before his death in October 2002 (Click Here for an article about Fred)

** Three grown, married children and five grandchildren

** Resides in the Las Vegas area and Palm Springs area

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Books by Florence Littauer (click on the underlined titles for more information)

Behind the Personality

Personality Plus

Personality Plus for Couples

Personality Plus for Parents

Your Personality Tree

Personality Puzzle

Put Power in Your Personality

Getting Along With Almost Anybody

Talking So People Will Listen

After Every Wedding Comes a Marriage

Daily Marriage Builders

Silver Linings

How to Get Along With Difficult People

Dare to Dream

Silver Boxes

A Letter is a Gift Forever

Journey to Jesus

Above titles may be purchased through all booksellers--traditional and online--or by through the CLASS Online Bookstore. Many additional titles are available from used book sources.

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