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Recommended Personality Resources

With over 500,000 copies in print, this is Florence Littauer's most popular book! Her first book on the Personalities, Personality Plus, will give you an excellent understanding of the four basic Personalities. You will gain new understanding of what makes you, your family, and your friends the way they are. Filled with Florence's humorous examples, the strengths and weakness of each Personality are thoroughly covered. The popular "Personality Profile" test is included. This book is an excellent basis for a group study.
P120 Revell, paperback, 188 pages ..... $13.00

Spanish Language Edition
P120SP Spanish House, paperback, 211 pages ..... $10.00

The best stories of each personality make this tape an excellent introduction to the subject. It is especially good to give to someone who is not familiar with Florence or the subject of the personalities. Anyone who listens to this tape will want more!
PT121 CLASS, cassette tape, 60 minutes ..... $ 7.00
PCD121 CLASS, CD, 60 minutes ..... $ 7.00

Spoken before a huge audience of network marketing people, Florence Littauer responds to their enthusiasm with her own enthusiasm and describes the strengths and weaknesses of the four personalities in a very humorous way. A great tape for that person who is reluctant to hear about the personalities.
PT131 CLASS, cassette tape, 90 minutes ..... $6.00
PCD131 CLASS, CD, 90 minutes ..... $6.00

The famous four-tape series by Florence is still available in this convenient set. These hilarious tapes are packaged with the book and two personality profiles.
PT122 CLASS, 4 cassette tapes (6 hrs.), book and 2 Profiles ..... $35.00
PCD122 CLASS, 4 CD's (6 hrs.), book and 2 Profiles ..... $35.00

For years fans of Florence Littauer's Personality Plus materials have been asking for a video. Now it is available. This three tape set features five hours of teaching divided into 6 lessons. Apply the Personalities to nearly every aspect of life. The sessions include Understanding Yourself, Meeting Your Mates Emotional Needs, Raising Balanced Children, Having a Positive Affect on Your Grandchildren, Accepting the People with Whom You Work, and Getting Along With Difficult People, and feature Florence & Fred Littauer and Marita Littauer. Recorded before a live audience.
PT401 CLASS, Videos total 5 hours ..... $45.00
PDVD401 CLASS, DVD's total 5 hours ..... $45.00

The sequel to Personality Plus, Your Personality Tree starts by reviewing the basics but quickly moves on to the deeper areas of the personalities like understanding your basic desires and emotional needs, what depresses and tempts each personality, and the personality masking concept that is unique to this book. The heart of this book comes from Florence's study of her own family tree to discover inconsistencies in the personality of various family members. Through reading you will be able to chart out your own "Personality Tree" and uncover the roots of your personality. This book will also open your eyes to the effects of abuse on your personality and help you recover. Other popular features are the definitions of the words on the Personality Profile used as they are intended on the test, and the chart that compares other personality programs with Florence's teaching.
P124 Word, paperback, 237 pages ..... $11.00

Designed for small group use. 8 lessons of 28 minutes each featuring Florence Littauer. Includes reproducible study guides.
PV403 CLASS, 2 VHS Videos, 4 Hours, w/ workbook ..... $50.00
PDVD403 CLASS, DVD, w/ workbook ..... $50.00

SMARTER NOT HARDER by Sharon Marshall Johnson with Marita Littauer
This practical 32-page booklet offers students guidance on how to use the knowledge of their Personality to improve their study habits, their classroom interaction, their relationships with friends and parents. If you are a parent, a teacher or a youth worker you will want this booklet for the students in your life. Includes one Youth Personality Profile.
P148 CLASS, paperback, 32 pages ..... $6.00

The popular personality test is in each of the Personality books on personality but it is also available by itself. Personal Profiles, 6 - 8 1/2 x 11 panels: test, scoring sheet, strengths/weaknesses, word definitions on 2 sides, how to evaluate your scores. Marketplace Profiles, 6 - 8 1/2 x 11 panels: same as Personal, but the how-to-evaluate page applies to business and team building.
$1.00 each, quantity discounts available; ask also about Spanish Profiles and Youth Profiles

Everything is there - just like on the printed Personality Profile: the test, instant scoring, word definitions, strengths and weaknesses. Scores are seen on the screen in bar graph form or can be printed out. Does not print out blank tests. The CD will only print test results. Unlimited use! Comes with a software CD, packaged in an attractive album. Great for church, business or home use. Windows 98 and higher compatible.
P145CD ..... $35.00 (CD-ROM)

PERSONALITY PUZZLE: Piecing Together the Personalities in Your Workplace
Whether you work in an office, a school, a hospital or even at home, you probably work and come in contact with people who don't see things your way. You may wonder why one is so difficult to get off the phone while another seems almost impolite. Or, why some people accomplish more in times of stress and thrive on change while others appear to freeze when the pressure is on. In Personality Puzzle Florence Littauer and Marita Littauer combine their expertise and years of teaching on the personalities to give you a practical guide for understanding the personalities in your workplace. "The Visible Pieces of the Puzzle" will teach you how to identify the personality style of others simply by observing their clothing, body language and workspace. "The Various Pieces" will help you understand each personality type's natural gifts and abilities while "The Valuable Pieces" will show you how to meet the emotional needs of the people at work. If you are the boss or the employee, the client or the co-worker, you can piece together the personalities in your workplace!
P130 Revell, paperback, 207 pages ..... (New Lower Price!) $6.00

An entertaining and educational tape featuring Marita Littauer and her popular teaching on the Personalities. Coming from the approach of identifying and understanding the Personality types of the people you live and work with, Marita will help you put together the pieces in your Personality Puzzle. You will not only learn to identify each Personality type by the Visual Pieces of the Puzzle, you will gain insight on their various strengths and weaknesses and be able to relate to them in a way to which they will respond the most effectively. This presentation also addresses the various Personality combinations and the most common misunderstandings with the Personalities.
ML100 CLASS, cassette tape, 90 minutes ..... $7.00
MLCD100 CLASS, CD, app. 90 minutes ..... $7.00

Full-length, live presentation of Marita Littauer's message on Personality Puzzle. High-quality, one-camera set-up.

PV402 CLASS, VHS Video, 70 minutes ..... $15.00
PDVD402 CLASS ..... $15.00

What's your spiritual Personality? Your Spiritual Personality takes the study of personality to its logical and important next step: helping you to make connections between the strengths and weaknesses of your personality and your pursuit of a relationship with God. By being aware of your individual style approaching prayer, the Bible, devotions and worship, you can strengthen your faith in ways uniquely tailored to your personality. The book's practical advice, suggestions for each personality type, and inspiring real-life stories will enrich your spiritual life by helping you develop a stronger walk with God.

P122 Jossey Bass, Paperback, 176 pages ..... $15.00

Does your spouse's behavior sometimes make you cringe? She needs to lighten up. He needs to help out more. She thinks fifteen minutes late is on time. He thinks showing up on time is late. The two of you do and see things differently, but that doesn't mean one is right and the other must be wrong. Rather, as expert Florence Littauer shows, your differences are a matter of personality. Personality Plus for Couples will help you resolve personality conflict and appreciate what's unique about your mate--and yourself! Using her proven principles from Personality Plus and insightful examples from other couples, Florence offers husbands and wives:
… a personality profile test to identify their personality types
… the trademark characteristics of each personality type
… ways to resolve hot conflicts that arise between spouses
… what to expect if you marry someone of the same personality type, the opposite type, or a compatible type
Don't resent your differences--understand them! Allow and encourage each other to be who God created you to be, through Personality Plus for Couples.
P132, Revell, paperback, 224 pages ..... $12.00

Using the foundation of the time tested teaching on the Personalities, Florence Littauer combines her hallmark humor with practical advice in her recently revised bestseller, How to Get Along With Difficult People. While reading this humorous account, you may find yourself and will surely find many people you know! This book will give you valuable tools for getting along with those difficult people in your life. You will learn how to respond to trying situations and become more aware of how you affect the other people in your life. One of the most powerful parts of How to Get Along With Difficult People is the Bible teaching section entitled How Did Paul Handle a Difficult Situation. Readers can use these points from the book of Philemon to teach a Sunday school class or Bible study of their own. For anyone who is discouraged and in need of hope this book will give fresh direction and encouragement along with the skills they need to get along with their difficult person!
P137 Harvest House, paperback, 190 pages ..... $ 10.00

Florence speaks on the art of getting along with others by using Paul's techniques as shown in the book of Philemon.
PT138 CLASS, cassette tape, 60 minutes ..... $ 6.00
PCD138 CLASS, CD, 60 minutes ..... $ 6.00

Drawn from years of study and teaching, Marita Littauer uniquely uses the popular teaching on the Personalities to show how personality shapes a believer's relationship with God. You will learn that God made each person with a specific personality that plays a powerful role in building a relationship with Him -- gaining a greater understanding of how you can personally grow closer to God and how you can accept the different spiritual styles of others.
PT127 CLASS, cassette tape, 60 minutes ..... $7.00
PCD127 CLASS, CD, 60 minutes ..... $7.00

Certified Personality trainer Donna Partow takes the Littauers' popular teaching on the Personalities and applies it specifically to the needs of a wife and mother. Through A Woman's Guide to Personality Types, Donna helps you exchange guilt and stress for practical tools that can help you improve your effectiveness in relationships. Florence Littauer says, "In her unique down-to-earth style, Donna has written a book that is light-and-breezy to read, while delivering a powerful message about the importance of the Bible's injunction to live with one another in an understanding way."
P143 Bethany House, Paperback, 272 pages ..... $12.00

Florence and Marita entertain and educate you with this eight-tape set. Recorded before a live audience, you will laugh as you learn how your own Personality can blend with others to form more joyful, fruitful relationships. Topics include: understanding others, giving other what they want, relating to people in the workplace, appreciating differences in your mate, having a positive influence on your children, getting along with difficult people and encouraging others with our words. Whether you are married or single, an employee or employer, a parent or not, you will find help for all your relationships!
PT124 CLASS, 8 cassette tapes, 5 hours ..... $45.00
PCD124 CLASS, 8 CD's, 5 hours ..... $45.00

Imagine having a complete overview on the teaching on the Personalities at your fingertips! Now you can. The Personality Portfolio is designed for those who prefer their information in a quick review format and/or for those who need teaching aids on the Personalities. This glossy folder features a full color Personality Plus logo on the front. Inside, you'll find a Personality Profile and ten different self-explanatory worksheets - each addressing a different aspect of the Personalities. The worksheets are full color and include topics such as: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself; Piecing Together the Personalities in Your Workplace; Quick Tips for Bringing Out the Plus In Your Personality; Emotional Needs and Fears; Spiritual Variations of the Personalities; and Understanding Children's Personality - sold as a complete set. Individual worksheets and folders are also available. Please call for additional information on quantity discounts.
PP301 CLASS ..... $10.00

Have you ever wondered why one child responds to rules or discipline one way, while another child responds totally differently? If you have more than one child in your home, you know that all kids are not the same. Neither are their parents. What works for one may not work for another. You may feel that you connect with one child and struggle with the other. How can all of you get along? The answer is in Personality Plus for Parents! This valuable parenting handbook will help you easily determine the Personality of each child, apply practical insights, understand how to best parent each child, and bring harmony to your home. Personality Plus for Parents includes the popular Personality Profile and many quick reference charts. You can improve your relationships with your children and parent them more effectively!
P135 Revell, paperback, 192 pages ..... $12.00

These three powerful presentations, attractively packed together, are the best of Florence's teaching on children. While each tape was recorded at a different phase of Florence's life, they work together to make a valuable guide for parents of any age child. The series includes Bringing Up Children, Understanding Your Children, and Discovering and Encouraging Your Child's Growth Pattern.
PT155 CLASS, 3 cassettes, total 240 minutes ..... $20.00
PCD155 CLASS, 3 CD's, total 240 minutes ..... $20.00

In this practical and witty book, popular author and speaker Florence Littauer looks at parenting through the metaphor of a drama-the theme of which is raising children with character and faith. Using examples from the Bible and hilarious experiences from her own home, she shows you how to tend to the plot (set goals and rules), script (have creative and healthy communication), and more. It will remind you that, despite other influences on kids in today's world, conscientious parenting can result in loving family relationships, well-adjusted children, and warm memories of home.
P134 Revell, Paperback, 240 pages ..... $7.00

Seven of the Littauers' books on personality are included in this special packaging, as well as one tape/CD: Personality Puzzle, Personality Plus, Your Spiritual Personality, Personality Plus for Parents, Put Power in Your Personality and Smarter Not Harder are the books, and a tape of Personality Puzzle.
DB202 Various Publishers, 7 books, 1 tape/CD ..... $60.00

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